True lies

I recently changed a photograph on which from the outset looks like I could be lying and in a way I suppose it’s true. But not in the way you might think! see for yourself maybe lead me in the right direction. Late addition Why I am writing this here if the ltd is …… Is anyone’s guess. Maybe it has something to do … Continue reading True lies

Regarding the last post

I made a reference for the first time ever to what else it was I placed on the card related to the last post. I remember when I did the first image I envisioned it to be put on a t-shirt aimed at students. It became a card (made on a mac) that I only produced two copies. I still have one. The main reason … Continue reading Regarding the last post

The ….. is not for turning…

Here for now.Alas When the words that are uttered are exactly the same as another but the wealthier/ ….the speaker the more it is heard? I am not calling this blue sky thinking although it is. Finding some common ground might be required! Not everything is know to me about it like internal spacial ,properties etc.  Material science is a world all of its own … Continue reading The ….. is not for turning…

for mi namesake …..

I wonder if me or my has ever been so important in terms of conveying a message. For me presenting a different perspective it has never been so prevalent or relevant, iMac, iPhone, iPad no matter how personal its customisation is still a product of mass production. What is 3d printing and for the information police the link is not where is was produced. Either way … Continue reading for mi namesake …..

You may have seen

But did you feel what I was saying Experience is a learning, relived that is a memory. Same words printed by different means and in different dimensions/ perspective. The touch as an experience is something that adds to what is only seen. Before the closest printing technique to offer this would have been embossing or relief. I wonder, if the first manifestation of the words … Continue reading You may have seen


I am not trying to be critical of anything not because i cant just because there is always going to be somthing or someone that could be or is better than, any other position anyone holds except maybe for the small percentage. Who have always had the best therefore anything else is just inferior. What seems to change are the ones who have not had … Continue reading comment


For those that have not studied psychoanalysis and have taken the subject that was clarified by Lacan as the barred subject as something that somehow isolated the teachings of Freud. Did not comprehend Lacans position. The discourse that barred the subject was not isolated from the workings of the world. Now in regards to my position as someone who has studied Psychoanalysis the I of … Continue reading Misunderstood

Points of reference

In this world one thing counts, lots of ….. It is said ignorance is bliss. Is it that to be ignorant makes life easier or that to know and be ignorant is easier? Either way ignorance seems to be the order of the day or is it indifferent? Paradox, law and order, chaos, quantum, theory, all point to something not being quite as it seems. … Continue reading Points of reference