I couldn’t afford

This was in my inbox for a few days and only just got the chance but this vid, wow. last time I was on Twitter I am not sure what I wrote however this is a screengrab shot whatever and link hope it plays. Damm this is deep #blacklivesmatter pic.twitter.com/G3NzgyMxHK — BlackCultureEntertainment🗣 (@4TheCulture____) May 31, 2020   Continue reading I couldn’t afford


These did not get printed out, when first conceived it was about placing on cards.  It did not happen but It was just flat full colour printing. It still could but….     I did have cause to try and redo recently because of the reminder of what I had been through. In regards to most of the imagery around that time of 2017 ish. … Continue reading Understanding

Better late than never

some time ago when I was taking mi luv yu bad to 3D print, I made the speculation that I would produce it without the shape and r. I remember it recieved a few likes. I was also speculated with precious metals. Well I attempted to print the model as spoken and found that the missing shape proved too fragile to print the i, especially … Continue reading Better late than never

With borders

you may well need crossings with their myriad of descriptions. Has any one ever wondered about the nature of the fundamental structural concept associated with the meaning? History has obvious example of conflicts associated with it. And assumably it history is not alone. If anything the protection of those crossing have been more important. Theoretically speaking paradox’s seem to make good use of it. Space … Continue reading With borders