pay some attention to

It the bottom of the page mentioning HDD failure again! (Solid state one too)! It led me to reevaluate the hoop with an impromptu hoop (steel too I think!) with one of my unsuccessful resin cast only as far as finish but that was a few years ago. Plus I got that from Ireland if I remember correctly and the rest was ruined  by … Continue reading pay some attention to

True lies

I recently changed a photograph on which from the outset looks like I could be lying and in a way I suppose it’s true. But not in the way you might think! see for yourself maybe lead me in the right direction. Late addition Why I am writing this here if the ltd is …… Is anyone’s guess. Maybe it has something to do … Continue reading True lies


Listening to the radio this morning the phrase Mark or Brand was mentioned. It obviously got me thinking. Especially from the perspective of my earlier post. At the time of registering it was doubtful I would have received the mark hence going for the trade. But from a print perspective ……. The effect of transition of perspective leaves the page made the words a matter … Continue reading Also