I received and email

It gave me the direct link to the withdraw agreement, although it may be something to mark and don’t know if the dates mentioned suggest we should be so ……. I remember the looks when I was taking my fabric room to be stitched just the sight of the imagery caused, that weren’t not aware about the space issue, I don’t blame them. If I … Continue reading I received and email

Golden 1st

you may follow my exploits closely  you may not. You may have noticed they began with a more,  I don’t know the right word so I shall leave blank-focus It led me more to the technical trouble and complications. I have just accomplished something I had previously. All be it without what was there first or the machine attached. The simple account pic on a … Continue reading Golden 1st

What a palaver

2019 My flat is a mess, my life is a mess.   Clarity seems to be stranger. Should I try a different shape to bring in the new decade? Although relatively new Hexatrigon seems so last few years…. it still has triangles in fact it’s just triangles. Or it could have some diamond shapes not like the real ones I may add.   I wonder … Continue reading What a palaver