I just watched

I found the video on Facebook online of the dragon space launch and return of capsule. It was clear on my small Nokia cracked screen as anything. With imagery that I couldn’t believe although I did. Something else, well worth the watch, I could of watched live and I didn’t even think,  I suppose its that corona lockdown,  no tv thing. No link but the … Continue reading I just watched

With borders

you may well need crossings with their myriad of descriptions. Has any one ever wondered about the nature of the fundamental structural concept associated with the meaning? History has obvious example of conflicts associated with it. And assumably it history is not alone. If anything the protection of those crossing have been more important. Theoretically speaking paradox’s seem to make good use of it. Space … Continue reading With borders

what’s that Jim?

I have just tried to watch a youtube documentary from the RI in which a man called Jim Baggott was giving a talk in May. And actually watched the ads which made think about the youngsters that maybe the one to experience space for real.Before the usual technical hinderances, I have spoken about several times on this site happened. A thought occurred to me on … Continue reading what’s that Jim?