In my own little way

It came to my mind after posting my last post on custom prints-images. That the company I bought the wax for my candles had shut down. Since purchased it.  It drew me back to when I wanted it in some way or another to represent what I had grown up with the knowledge that other nations were part of the UK. Anyway I said to … Continue reading In my own little way

Did it fail?

Globalisation. In terms of the multicultural angle first posited around brexit it had talks of failed experiments and such. Brexit has not yet happened but by all accounts the baby may have well been thrown out with the bathwater. Not to say what caused Brexit has diminished but the answers given at the time have not proved to be answer at all. How is it … Continue reading Did it fail?


I’m Some think that what I was trying to do was not real. Well in honesty if you don’t see it maybe it is. I have very few cuts of attempted patches from the textile prints at hand. And most did not have the threads showing. The process of sublimation beyond what I knew from a different source probably borrowed some terms but I would … Continue reading Materials

does not one example show

My initial thought for the form was corporate swag if anyone remembers… I am not sure how many might be left in the UK at least. What has Brexit let slip? a general elected leader perhaps.. Although I have opted to place another language on the shape first, It does not mean that is all that can have a raised surface on the form that is … Continue reading does not one example show

This morn

I do not set out to make myself somewhat disagreeable, however, a message i received made me actually reconsider what i had actually done. On second glance my initial response I was unable to send, format not words. When I could respond I rewrote my response several times. Not because what was said was untrue it was just a case of realising my own mistakes. … Continue reading This morn

A lesson for me

I tried to put colour in the blind alley concept with the shape Hexatrigon. I did at one stage ask for a sponsor to aid the manifestation, none materialised so I did it myself. Unfortunately what I thought could happen after racking my brain for some time, was halted by my request.  Only what I was told made me think twice. I was told that … Continue reading A lesson for me