Did it fail?

Globalisation. In terms of the multicultural angle first posited around brexit it had talks of failed experiments and such. Brexit has not yet happened but by all accounts the baby may have well been thrown out with the bathwater. Not to say what caused Brexit has diminished but the answers given at the time have not proved to be answer at all. How is it … Continue reading Did it fail?

3 screenshots

Three shots and I am reading about Sonoluminescence  seriously, might need to break loose. The inbetween questions how do sound waves and lightwaves relate? A nasa video on the way desscibes how the electromagnet bands work. My start was colours my end was sound. I found the two. That first blue light and speed of its emitted make me think of time travel.  That is … Continue reading 3 screenshots

With borders

you may well need crossings with their myriad of descriptions. Has any one ever wondered about the nature of the fundamental structural concept associated with the meaning? History has obvious example of conflicts associated with it. And assumably it history is not alone. If anything the protection of those crossing have been more important. Theoretically speaking paradox’s seem to make good use of it. Space … Continue reading With borders

what’s that Jim?

I have just tried to watch a youtube documentary from the RI in which a man called Jim Baggott was giving a talk in May. And actually watched the ads which made think about the youngsters that maybe the one to experience space for real.Before the usual technical hinderances, I have spoken about several times on this site happened. A thought occurred to me on … Continue reading what’s that Jim?

To be in or not to be in

I have been quite wrapped up in recycling of sorts, now it’s more about saving resources which depending on your point of view means different things to different people. This does not stop progress (limited offer) Even if I happen to be on side lines at the moment I still have a view. From experience which without doubt has been invaluable lesson on manufacturing. Am … Continue reading To be in or not to be in

It is no idea

Custom Regular polyhedron with spheres on its vertices in the upper right  corner. If the giants whose shoulders were stood on left nothing behind maybe then there would be no idea. To accept something and because of ….. it is not recognised…. and if it is it can not be changed because of….. Just realised that February was the month that linked the past and … Continue reading It is no idea