Are Seagulls in your park?

But nothing changing but corona/ covid-19. I placed  two very different links about the virus One was an offer to print a door handle opener from materialise. The other was not about printing at all. They do not really belong on the same page never mind the site. (Blog?) I will do a green lip for Easter, question is whether to use any words. Matters … Continue reading Are Seagulls in your park?


I changed my original theme because of Brexit, with the incessant ignorance which not lonely Followed  me But has seem to have permeated every strand of society. It has cost me more than the change of theme from love in one way or another or the models i created after all the deadlines. Mi luv yu bad when the seeds of Brexit showed no love … Continue reading Brexit

I can’t remember the last time I had a dream….

However a dream like existence did occur from an experience in the past beyond my comprehension. And with no one else ‘supposed to know’ alive in this regard. Accepting loss seemed to be the order for that line of questioning at least. Then came the form and by all accounts is separate. Unless I start hypothesising… Watching a RI lecture yesterday in which the Higgs … Continue reading I can’t remember the last time I had a dream….

On recent experiences

Those who follow my pursuits will know that I have tried to make my creations more real to everyone. In such a way as to navigate the pitfalls of most creatives. Having travelled down the mass production route for hexatrigon I ended up with silicone moulds. That journey taught me of undercuts and their hindrance to cnc milling and such. At the same time the … Continue reading On recent experiences

Had to mention

This is the closest I get to Twitter these days. Remember prohibition…. On the flip side Continue reading Had to mention