I changed my original theme because of Brexit, with the incessant ignorance which not lonely Followed  me But has seem to have permeated every strand of society. It has cost me more than the change of theme from love in one way or another or the models i created after all the deadlines. Mi luv yu bad when the seeds of Brexit showed no love … Continue reading Brexit

I am now

Its ok to use comprised resources to belittle or remove merchandise to enforce the impossibility of belief, so that for me to move on I have to stay locked to a understanding that had roots before brexit and because I saw no progress at the time used the focus to work on something with a little more substance like this sitesi con which I updated yesterday … Continue reading I am now


with a straight face.,, I suppose that would explain the couch. And the chair behind somewhere in the background. The focus being something else, the traces of something lost, missing or erased…..repetition could signify something else. Could be mixing too many references again This one is bubble-free i think This Link I received the morning after I made this post.  Thought I would share. Continue reading Look

Did it fail?

Globalisation. In terms of the multicultural angle first posited around brexit it had talks of failed experiments and such. Brexit has not yet happened but by all accounts the baby may have well been thrown out with the bathwater. Not to say what caused Brexit has diminished but the answers given at the time have not proved to be answer at all. How is it … Continue reading Did it fail?

does not one example show

My initial thought for the form was corporate swag if anyone remembers… I am not sure how many might be left in the UK at least. What has Brexit let slip? a general elected leader perhaps.. Although I have opted to place another language on the shape first, It does not mean that is all that can have a raised surface on the form that is … Continue reading does not one example show

The ….. is not for turning…

Here for now.Alas When the words that are uttered are exactly the same as another but the wealthier/ ….the speaker the more it is heard? I am not calling this blue sky thinking although it is. Finding some common ground might be required! Not everything is know to me about it like internal spacial ,properties etc.  Material science is a world all of its own … Continue reading The ….. is not for turning…