I read …

That another whale shark got stranded on a beach recently and when it was returned to the water it swam right back. It got me wondering if they had magnetic sensory glands. At first thoughts you may think that is a strange association maybe it was, however I would not have found the official site for potential unlimited fusion energy although I had heard of … Continue reading I read …

I wonder who.?

I could blame for the loss of everything from this tech rubbish. And I owe now as well as having to pay more for what I have. And can I get it herr without a load off drama. Then people will say it never happened. Then what I was battling against ended up being true. Nevertheless. I text some one that I don’t know what … Continue reading I wonder who.?

before I post a link anywhere

I have just watched a webinar where the discussion was of electric vehicles, Alright it was from a US perspective however, After hearing about royal mail it is somewhat concerning as who is going to take up that slack. I hate to think that because I created something different it means the end of so much. But was it my fault? I think not. After … Continue reading before I post a link anywhere

A little note

After using the remnants of the trials and tribulations wax to the max. Realised that after countless times of casting it in the hoop mould, that there would be a dip with a hole in the middle. I did not know why this was occurring. Thought it could be the wax itself as it was not without impurity’s, anyhoo decided to crack out that virgin … Continue reading A little note