I did say

Worts and all……. we live and learn and lose but can try again,   A material world  The difference between a post and a page can make the difference and does for this post. Water in outer space? Ok How we going to get to it? Is warp drive the only source and that is science fiction. Had to sell all those dvd boxsets  too … Continue reading I did say

worts and all

The difference is clear When I receive the multicolour+ prints of the models I will not make any qualms as they would be the first of my models that will have any. From seeing the nylon SLS models on Page Additive Manufactured, I already know I will have to make contact with those who have more knowledge than me on the blind, the one with … Continue reading worts and all

A lesson for me

I tried to put colour in the blind alley concept with the shape Hexatrigon. I did at one stage ask for a sponsor to aid the manifestation, none materialised so I did it myself. Unfortunately what I thought could happen after racking my brain for some time, was halted by my request.  Only what I was told made me think twice. I was told that … Continue reading A lesson for me