The hoop on my crisp red lip print broke, annoyed is not the word. However I know how these came into my hands which I cannot knock. As for that design as learned through the steel casting process is the width of any more minimum. non metal prints. Unless you work with with original manufacturer. Who has that original model. Speaking of that, is there … Continue reading Today

What to do?

My last prints are very much different. The Brexit question is ever more pressing and I am near if not at the end of my tether. The weight of one that you can definitely say is and can be a weight (EU). However when on that path the shape in question did not have that option available to me for that material. Even if i … Continue reading What to do?

To be in or not to be in

I have been quite wrapped up in recycling of sorts, now it’s more about saving resources which depending on your point of view means different things to different people. This does not stop progress (limited offer) Even if I happen to be on side lines at the moment I still have a view. From experience which without doubt has been invaluable lesson on manufacturing. Am … Continue reading To be in or not to be in