A little note

After using the remnants of the trials and tribulations wax to the max. Realised that after countless times of casting it in the hoop mould, that there would be a dip with a hole in the middle. I did not know why this was occurring. Thought it could be the wax itself as it was not without impurity’s, anyhoo decided to crack out that virgin … Continue reading A little note

The sound of… shorter but sweeter

This morning I awoke to a name I had not heard in a long time while listening to the radio. It took me back to place where I created some wax forms. As it was in the past like so much of late. I decided to film the static image of the weighted scales. My first effort although longer in terms of time was initiated … Continue reading The sound of… shorter but sweeter

Love & hate

Ok I know that not everything in the world is lovely and that not everything that crossed the barriers was pleasing. But it did and as so has significance. Also what I may have taken for granted as given was not wholly accepted or recognised. Why am I saying this because even though my mind has changed I still recognise a need. That they say … Continue reading Love & hate