Somewhere in the ether for now at least

I tried to address an issue with a file for ads yesterday. It has been an on going issue for a while now and I did not know what it was. I did have the file on show for all to see but that was not the right way as that was the on going issue. Finally understood what was required of me from my … Continue reading Somewhere in the ether for now at least

A little note

After using the remnants of the trials and tribulations wax to the max. Realised that after countless times of casting it in the hoop mould, that there would be a dip with a hole in the middle. I did not know why this was occurring. Thought it could be the wax itself as it was not without impurity’s, anyhoo decided to crack out that virgin … Continue reading A little note

silicone trials

I left if out a little while so the water melted.( see other side of shape pre melt on material world on right at the bottom taken this am on a different device)! Stuck it in boiling water and it started dissolving so took out the remnants added some flour. So now it’s boiling, will see how my edges turn out can’t say I’m … Continue reading silicone trials

latest header image has twist in the tale

I recall the issue was the notion of printing being the cause the rgb one love image. However a programme on iplayer I watched recently sheds new light on the role cut and paste, so to speak. No it is not about pictures either, outside my educational background but not beyond comprehension. its more bacterial….. been around for about the same time as the shape … Continue reading latest header image has twist in the tale