With borders

you may well need crossings with their myriad of descriptions. Has any one ever wondered about the nature of the fundamental structural concept associated with the meaning? History has obvious example of conflicts associated with it. And assumably it history is not alone. If anything the protection of those crossing have been more important. Theoretically speaking paradox’s seem to make good use of it. Space … Continue reading With borders

Had to have started somewhere

One never truly know where some think came from if it was not within the life time of those who wrote history, and those who rewrite history as time progresses. That could have political implications then and now. But like all journeys they and (i assume) this must have been inspired. I have had male and female teachers in my lifetime and they were not … Continue reading Had to have started somewhere

Poly Ticks

We flip is now a more than a utility question. If the need to jump on a bandwagon that naturally flips towards the wind changes that suits in order to hold a position, gains ground in order to affect the rule of the main parties that are not even sticking to their own rules. Change is now more than the money in your possession which … Continue reading Poly Ticks

Blowing in the wind

I thought some time before the changes of the last couple of years in which via being a experienced voice in global politics the Uk could not only be forewarned of the dangers of empire but also had the experience that even if not outwardly valued did have generations of difference that was embedded in this country and how some things in this country did … Continue reading Blowing in the wind