Somewhere between reality and science fiction

I am interested in technology and futuristic ideas but it has just come to my attention that the moving gif I posted earlier was inspired by a gaming freturnatity who wanted a solar panel system for use in their platform. In conjunction with that I did read an article about miniature hexagonal solar panels being created by Stanford university imitating the eyes of bees. Who … Continue reading Somewhere between reality and science fiction

Dark Mass

Systematic structures often show up complications in practice. It is often not the systems fault to encompass new demands. Pre existing assumptions can lead to pre existing results. The structures that govern behaviours when the knowledge of the end result is not given beforehand can and often do leave one frustrated. The more i try remove the marks left behind, the more the overall object … Continue reading Dark Mass


Before i managed to make Hexatrigon a solid form, i was looked at very strangely when trying to convey how i could the net of my shape when looking at anything resembling a honeycomb pattern. This was before i had to deal with the angles of joints. I recognise how desires can sometimes not be realised because the gap between doing and seeing. Culturally me … Continue reading 7,6,3,1

never seen before 2018

In a previous post in featured a photograph of prolonged lighting strikes without any thunder this left me wondering what else can nature surprise us with? Although not a surprise to me a least but true in regards to the title of this post is a form I call hexatrigon printed in Aluminium which before 2018 DID NOT EXIST. I must therefore believe that there … Continue reading never seen before 2018

Within the boundaries

To achieve the form I have made several posts on concerning points,vertices, edges, lines and planes it pleases me to know that it began with arcs, circles and curves. Unfortunately in my pursuit for a solid mass manifesting the perspective that ‘ left the page’. The paper version faired less favourably but you may still make out those curves. Continue reading Within the boundaries