In rewriting the blurb on my about page on customprints-images.co.uk I was going to put ‘lack’ alongside the word desire. ( something about that site makes me want to remove the reference to love entirely!) erasing that history, that only leaves the shape and a couple marks. And a couple of model prints with it with a trademark initially concerning printed matter / paper and … Continue reading Uncanny

Do you think, I think it’s coincidence?

How many hard drives to send me off the edge, Well it has just happened, And you know what? what is gone is gone I am sick off it. Two matching hardrives can be used to transfer data and it so happens they both go down around the same time even though they are in two different unrelated devices, Well you can stuff it as … Continue reading Do you think, I think it’s coincidence?

You may have seen

But did you feel what I was saying Experience is a learning, relived that is a memory. Same words printed by different means and in different dimensions/ perspective. The touch as an experience is something that adds to what is only seen. Before the closest printing technique to offer this would have been embossing or relief. I wonder, if the first manifestation of the words … Continue reading You may have seen