These did not get printed out, when first conceived it was about placing on cards.  It did not happen but It was just flat full colour printing. It still could but….     I did have cause to try and redo recently because of the reminder of what I had been through. In regards to most of the imagery around that time of 2017 ish. … Continue reading Understanding

On recent experiences

Those who follow my pursuits will know that I have tried to make my creations more real to everyone. In such a way as to navigate the pitfalls of most creatives. Having travelled down the mass production route for hexatrigon I ended up with silicone moulds. That journey taught me of undercuts and their hindrance to cnc milling and such. At the same time the … Continue reading On recent experiences

Last night

When reminiscing on fail equipment I watch the lastest trends in Web 3.0 i kept seeing shapes that in my isolation know have some associated parts. However I think other that the files that I may be working with and their non localised base are the only thing I use that could be a bridge. i don’t like speaking to my iPhone I have for … Continue reading Last night