pay some attention to

It the bottom of the page mentioning HDD failure again! (Solid state one too)! It led me to reevaluate the hoop with an impromptu hoop (steel too I think!) with one of my unsuccessful resin cast only as far as finish but that was a few years ago. Plus I got that from Ireland if I remember correctly and the rest was ruined  by … Continue reading pay some attention to


with a straight face.,, I suppose that would explain the couch. And the chair behind somewhere in the background. The focus being something else, the traces of something lost, missing or erased…..repetition could signify something else. Could be mixing too many references again This one is bubble-free i think This Link I received the morning after I made this post.  Thought I would share. Continue reading Look

Changes nothing but see for yourself

It may well be time to take stock of events. When I look to what is missing just to put back to where I know things were working. Even I I no longer make any more posts. What is missing? How much relevance may it have? i happened  to take a few screenshots. Before knowing the ppst would disappear. Plugin conflicts or information It … Continue reading Changes nothing but see for yourself

What should I say

Why the regularity of simple  automated  tasks become somehow hindered?? Could it be, that it the associated tasks are connected to furthering my career seems to want to stop working effectively because…… Yes I was informed that I needed to rectify something but that something needing to be rectified is an automated process. Reliable as it may or may not have been in the past, … Continue reading What should I say

Do you think, I think it’s coincidence?

How many hard drives to send me off the edge, Well it has just happened, And you know what? what is gone is gone I am sick off it. Two matching hardrives can be used to transfer data and it so happens they both go down around the same time even though they are in two different unrelated devices, Well you can stuff it as … Continue reading Do you think, I think it’s coincidence?

Because the something let me down

Listening to lbc this morning and hearing how life long politicians who have invested far more than me in their beliefs, stating their dismay at the political system. And also hearing the responses it is clear that however I may have felt about this country in my own doings may well have to stay in the realm of the virtual. As stated clearing in regular … Continue reading Because the something let me down

You may have seen

But did you feel what I was saying Experience is a learning, relived that is a memory. Same words printed by different means and in different dimensions/ perspective. The touch as an experience is something that adds to what is only seen. Before the closest printing technique to offer this would have been embossing or relief. I wonder, if the first manifestation of the words … Continue reading You may have seen