Where is the bottom line in space?

Where approximations need to be made in order to represent, the path may obscured yet remains. The question of repetition may arise in hindsight but does that then inform the present? If so, when the change does occur in order to inform, on what domain of knowledge? PS. A comment came to my attention regarding outer space and my personal thoughts on it. I have … Continue reading Where is the bottom line in space?

Not as many as 50 shades but grey nevertheless

The process that led to these photographs being taken involved a file that I created, which was then uploaded to a site and then 3D printed. Not to raise questions of ownership issues but rather to express a delight when opening the package. There is quite a difference between screen viewing and physical touch, but eyes have observed this end result prior to me, oh … Continue reading Not as many as 50 shades but grey nevertheless

Pushing Boundaries

Turning something in the mind into something that has form takes skill, technique and expertise. Even that in itself is not always enough. As technology changes it brings advantages and causes disadvantages. It may be able to create from different processes outside of typical printing, methods I have spoken about in earlier post. Unbeknownst to me at that time they were actual processes that are … Continue reading Pushing Boundaries

never seen before 2018

In a previous post in featured a photograph of prolonged lighting strikes without any thunder this left me wondering what else can nature surprise us with? Although not a surprise to me a least but true in regards to the title of this post is a form I call hexatrigon printed in Aluminium which before 2018 DID NOT EXIST. I must therefore believe that there … Continue reading never seen before 2018

Lines of investigation

When using 3D modelling software I found that triangulation made more planes on one face of the shape than there actually was, for example in creating one hexagonal face I found that the process would create one rectangle and two triangles that would present two distinct lines running through the hexagonal face. The complete shape outline would be shown but it would have more closed … Continue reading Lines of investigation