I made an error

I was struggling to remove the evidence that the marks from the laser left. Why? I remember some odd things on old toys I only just realised they might have been from the manufacturing process. Won’t say where they might have been from. (It’s not a toy by the way ) It just occurred to me when I removed steel 2 from my window to … Continue reading I made an error

Do you believe

When I used to watch Star Trek, Star Wars galaxy quest etc. The future seemed so far away it never occurred to me naively, that had to be reasonable as space seemed like it was plausible. But the future is made for the living.. I have only provided a little imagery here which although plausible is not actual but that is not because it can … Continue reading Do you believe

You may have seen

But did you feel what I was saying Experience is a learning, relived that is a memory. Same words printed by different means and in different dimensions/ perspective. The touch as an experience is something that adds to what is only seen. Before the closest printing technique to offer this would have been embossing or relief. I wonder, if the first manifestation of the words … Continue reading You may have seen


I am not trying to be critical of anything not because i cant just because there is always going to be somthing or someone that could be or is better than, any other position anyone holds except maybe for the small percentage. Who have always had the best therefore anything else is just inferior. What seems to change are the ones who have not had … Continue reading comment

Attempting to create some value regardless

One thing my studies did inform me off was the importance of vision. Whether that be a mark on a page or what your perception turns it into. That was the realm of art and design. Other studies not only gave me a insight into that thinking but also it’s  conditioning. The camera obscura was one of the pictorial apparatus used to reflect the structure … Continue reading Attempting to create some value regardless