Made to in full

Those that have seen my browser icon over the months would have noticed it has changed a little over time.not to mention logo and such. It does have relevance because nothing was revealed in full. First it was a photograph “Early one morning”, at that stage pixels. Then it was the same picture seen through an aperture of made to aid blank showing a print … Continue reading Made to in full

To be in or not to be in

I have been quite wrapped up in recycling of sorts, now it’s more about saving resources which depending on your point of view means different things to different people. This does not stop progress (limited offer) Even if I happen to be on side lines at the moment I still have a view. From experience which without doubt has been invaluable lesson on manufacturing. Am … Continue reading To be in or not to be in

How to reconcile?

The conundrum of polarities is almost as set time itself. One can only really tell if it’s day when the light in the sky shines all by itself as night is more about reflections. The wonder is that some lights in sky at night are a world or two away. Trouble for me is that I appreciate both, pondering aside the business of three is … Continue reading How to reconcile?