Living in a material……

This is not to discourage or disregard those who have taken the plunge in 3D printing for themselves. My aim was to make it available for all but got my wires crossed long beforehand The name fits too, other manufacturers available see material world page This image was first and only model now lost due to external hdd failure except with where the grab … Continue reading Living in a material……

On recent experiences

Those who follow my pursuits will know that I have tried to make my creations more real to everyone. In such a way as to navigate the pitfalls of most creatives. Having travelled down the mass production route for hexatrigon I ended up with silicone moulds. That journey taught me of undercuts and their hindrance to cnc milling and such. At the same time the … Continue reading On recent experiences

What It did

I sent emails in good faith to lecturers, to universities, friends and maybe foes. Requesting aid. A time to ignore and a time to engage? Past Because it was not in a book? Doubt? Fair enough. However as a cause of it creation and its effects, on my thinking  maybe it is too much to ask to seek further  ……. ? Continue reading What It did


I’m Some think that what I was trying to do was not real. Well in honesty if you don’t see it maybe it is. I have very few cuts of attempted patches from the textile prints at hand. And most did not have the threads showing. The process of sublimation beyond what I knew from a different source probably borrowed some terms but I would … Continue reading Materials

Winston Jennings

Thanks. Tech trouble I have joined in order to download. Tried again and would not let me. My contact with the community of engineers and designers in relation to what I downloaded is very much lacking. And the file was to use aa a proof of concept which was stated when I downloaded it was for personal use. Saying that I would like to use … Continue reading Winston Jennings