by the looks of it with this editor. Also seems as though the other site is up for a change too, don’t think that will be obvious but who knows… On a shoestring is to the best place to be. I managed to get a file back and although problems occurred it exists beyond my screen at the very least. As for my previous post … Continue reading LAST POST

The card, the inspiration and the print and a model

The word Perspective I added to the photograph, play around with the model@ see card & model above on If I am totally honest it’s a Trojan visuals really with a bit of Trojan thinking(as envisaged many moons ago but with no image or anything else to make it real) And it is still a mystery. I just saw an app on Apple … Continue reading The card, the inspiration and the print and a model


These did not get printed out, when first conceived it was about placing on cards.  It did not happen but It was just flat full colour printing. It still could but….     I did have cause to try and redo recently because of the reminder of what I had been through. In regards to most of the imagery around that time of 2017 ish. … Continue reading Understanding

Thanks again not

Over the weekend another tech glitch not only stopped my hardrive mid loading. Not only made the drive unreadable by several operating systems. Not only leaving the aged machine to not make repairs only saying retrieve what you can before reformatting the drive. I have lost almost everything final straw get lost. The latest web icon is the last image I uploaded. And guess what … Continue reading Thanks again not

Winston Jennings

Thanks. Tech trouble I have joined in order to download. Tried again and would not let me. My contact with the community of engineers and designers in relation to what I downloaded is very much lacking. And the file was to use aa a proof of concept which was stated when I downloaded it was for personal use. Saying that I would like to use … Continue reading Winston Jennings

Powdered materials

With heat/ sintering and knowledge of additive manufacturing, Madness? I would hope that like climate change its not too late, if you believe in that sort of thing. Question could metal be infused with some thing along the lines of  4d printing that is better place to not buckle under the heat? Blue sky thinking with no shape in mind! Suppose that engineering. No more … Continue reading Powdered materials


I managed to get a model of my shape interactive on screen or at least a screen that others can interact with! Vrm 360 3D Model Viewer!!! No spin, No gif but rotate on the x,y,z axis, excuse me if terms are incorrect Check it out offset to encourage 3d interaction:–) powered by… but have to proud of   is someone having a laugh … Continue reading Finally