In rewriting the blurb on my about page on customprints-images.co.uk I was going to put ‘lack’ alongside the word desire. ( something about that site makes me want to remove the reference to love entirely!) erasing that history, that only leaves the shape and a couple marks. And a couple of model prints with it with a trademark initially concerning printed matter / paper and … Continue reading Uncanny


I changed my original theme because of Brexit, with the incessant ignorance which not lonely Followed  me But has seem to have permeated every strand of society. It has cost me more than the change of theme from love in one way or another or the models i created after all the deadlines. Mi luv yu bad when the seeds of Brexit showed no love … Continue reading Brexit

The card, the inspiration and the print and a model

The word Perspective I added to the photograph, play around with the model@ https://www.customprints-images.co.uk/an-actual-virtual-reality/ see card & model above on https://www.customprints-images.co.uk/a-material-world If I am totally honest it’s a Trojan visuals really with a bit of Trojan thinking(as envisaged many moons ago but with no image or anything else to make it real) And it is still a mystery. I just saw an app on Apple … Continue reading The card, the inspiration and the print and a model

In my own little way

It came to my mind after posting my last post on custom prints-images. That the company I bought the wax for my candles had shut down. Since purchased it.  It drew me back to when I wanted it in some way or another to represent what I had grown up with the knowledge that other nations were part of the UK. Anyway I said to … Continue reading In my own little way

I did say

Worts and all……. we live and learn and lose but can try again,   A material world  The difference between a post and a page can make the difference and does for this post. Water in outer space? Ok How we going to get to it? Is warp drive the only source and that is science fiction. Had to sell all those dvd boxsets  too … Continue reading I did say

Better late than never

some time ago when I was taking mi luv yu bad to 3D print, I made the speculation that I would produce it without the shape and r. I remember it recieved a few likes. I was also speculated with precious metals. Well I attempted to print the model as spoken and found that the missing shape proved too fragile to print the i, especially … Continue reading Better late than never

Winston Jennings

Thanks. Tech trouble I have joined in order to download. Tried again and would not let me. My contact with the community of engineers and designers in relation to what I downloaded is very much lacking. And the file was to use aa a proof of concept which was stated when I downloaded it was for personal use. Saying that I would like to use … Continue reading Winston Jennings