latest header image has twist in the tale

I recall the issue was the notion of printing being the cause the rgb one love image. However a programme on iplayer I watched recently sheds new light on the role cut and paste, so to speak. No it is not about pictures either, outside my educational background but not beyond comprehension. its more bacterial….. been around for about the same time as the shape … Continue reading latest header image has twist in the tale


I would read the text before clinking the link on the post this takes you, might end up going around in circles. Questions this was from custom prints. if only all those were customers I wouldn’t  be where I am now!! I think there may even be a hueman image somewhere on this site/ library too, long before I even heard of the theme. Going … Continue reading Updated

Love & hate

Ok I know that not everything in the world is lovely and that not everything that crossed the barriers was pleasing. But it did and as so has significance. Also what I may have taken for granted as given was not wholly accepted or recognised. Why am I saying this because even though my mind has changed I still recognise a need. That they say … Continue reading Love & hate