I received a recomendation.

An academic paper between different stands. I will not even contemplate. Why because the nature of discourse suggests that to describe my logo without the terms I have used would involve an aspect of academic study which cause the split between academia and myself. It is not that I have not moved on since that episode however nothing since has given grounds for an advancement. … Continue reading I received a recomendation.

I can’t remember the last time I had a dream….

However a dream like existence did occur from an experience in the past beyond my comprehension. And with no one else ‘supposed to know’ alive in this regard. Accepting loss seemed to be the order for that line of questioning at least. Then came the form and by all accounts is separate. Unless I start hypothesising… Watching a RI lecture yesterday in which the Higgs … Continue reading I can’t remember the last time I had a dream….


tea leaves left in a mug which relates back to my old college days. Posted in a shot of tale of two halves. Dont think I even had the shot after all that. Due to the changes between what content management platforms provide their content as, now it is just a viewing platform. That page on this blog is no longer, like some of the … Continue reading The


with a straight face.,, I suppose that would explain the couch. And the chair behind somewhere in the background. The focus being something else, the traces of something lost, missing or erased…..repetition could signify something else. Could be mixing too many references again This one is bubble-free i think This Link I received the morning after I made this post.  Thought I would share. Continue reading Look

What It did

I sent emails in good faith to lecturers, to universities, friends and maybe foes. Requesting aid. A time to ignore and a time to engage? Past Because it was not in a book? Doubt? Fair enough. However as a cause of it creation and its effects, on my thinking  maybe it is too much to ask to seek further  ……. ? Continue reading What It did

This morn

I do not set out to make myself somewhat disagreeable, however, a message i received made me actually reconsider what i had actually done. On second glance my initial response I was unable to send, format not words. When I could respond I rewrote my response several times. Not because what was said was untrue it was just a case of realising my own mistakes. … Continue reading This morn


In the question of only talking about your own experience with the ignorance of the tools of expression having no influence I refer you to an author who when searching for a more insightful perspective was informative and the mere mention of his name ‘Franz Fanon’ led me to the experience where the concept of ‘lived experience’ was introduced yet did not offer the insight … Continue reading Experience?