For those tech gurus like

the ones i once used to know. I may well be speaking to the converted but for those who have the know-how and want to know more, I wanted stuff to just plonk in my shape, suppose I was looking for the easy way to bring products to market which if I am honest is not my natural instinct. Nevertheless   Continue reading For those tech gurus like


I managed to get a model of my shape interactive on screen or at least a screen that others can interact with! Vrm 360 3D Model Viewer!!! No spin, No gif but rotate on the x,y,z axis, excuse me if terms are incorrect Check it out offset to encourage 3d interaction:–) powered by… but have to proud of   is someone having a laugh … Continue reading Finally

To be in or not to be in

I have been quite wrapped up in recycling of sorts, now it’s more about saving resources which depending on your point of view means different things to different people. This does not stop progress (limited offer) Even if I happen to be on side lines at the moment I still have a view. From experience which without doubt has been invaluable lesson on manufacturing. Am … Continue reading To be in or not to be in