Would I have ruffled some feathers

When I first spoke about the model I downloaded from grabCAD. The model I intended to use although could work it was not possible for the intended material. This gave me cause to change it slightly for production. If  I placed the downloaded model on it which would not have been difficult would where it came from be of more of an issue than what … Continue reading Would I have ruffled some feathers

What It did

I sent emails in good faith to lecturers, to universities, friends and maybe foes. Requesting aid. A time to ignore and a time to engage? Past Because it was not in a book? Doubt? Fair enough. However as a cause of it creation and its effects, on my thinking  maybe it is too much to ask to seek further  ……. ? Continue reading What It did

Winston Jennings

Thanks. Tech trouble I have joined in order to download. Tried again and would not let me. My contact with the community of engineers and designers in relation to what I downloaded is very much lacking. And the file was to use aa a proof of concept which was stated when I downloaded it was for personal use. Saying that I would like to use … Continue reading Winston Jennings

For those tech gurus like

the ones i once used to know. I may well be speaking to the converted but for those who have the know-how and want to know more, https://info.sculpteo.com/ebook/3d-printing-for-consumer-electronic-housings I wanted stuff to just plonk in my shape, suppose I was looking for the easy way to bring products to market which if I am honest is not my natural instinct. Nevertheless   Continue reading For those tech gurus like