it was not intentional

I seemed to have misplaced my sawdust and glue piece I painted red, it is the one that is the browser logo with the leaf which was done last year the last time I worked with the silicone. The leaf I still have but it is no longer green. Anyway this post concerns a recent use of the mould which was with some plaster which … Continue reading it was not intentional

A little note

After using the remnants of the trials and tribulations wax to the max. Realised that after countless times of casting it in the hoop mould, that there would be a dip with a hole in the middle. I did not know why this was occurring. Thought it could be the wax itself as it was not without impurity’s, anyhoo decided to crack out that virgin … Continue reading A little note

I couldn’t afford

This was in my inbox for a few days and only just got the chance but this vid, wow. last time I was on Twitter I am not sure what I wrote however this is a screengrab shot whatever and link hope it plays. Damm this is deep #blacklivesmatter — BlackCultureEntertainment🗣 (@4TheCulture____) May 31, 2020   Continue reading I couldn’t afford

The sound of… shorter but sweeter

This morning I awoke to a name I had not heard in a long time while listening to the radio. It took me back to place where I created some wax forms. As it was in the past like so much of late. I decided to film the static image of the weighted scales. My first effort although longer in terms of time was initiated … Continue reading The sound of… shorter but sweeter

It so happens

That on looking at a file on a different drive I noticed the file looked like a .png with no background. At first I did not pay any attention as I knew what it was. Then I realised I had the file elsewhere and it did not look that way. Curious I took a couple of straight forward screenshots of the desktop one more informational … Continue reading It so happens