In rewriting the blurb on my about page on customprints-images.co.uk I was going to put ‘lack’ alongside the word desire. ( something about that site makes me want to remove the reference to love entirely!) erasing that history, that only leaves the shape and a couple marks. And a couple of model prints with it with a trademark initially concerning printed matter / paper and … Continue reading Uncanny

New number, new Id

New device Same ****!!! Got an email saying you have successfully logged into you cloud account. Did I recurved the text message verification?…. Psychoanalysis and telecommunications was my degrer question deemed to be a PHd question. If I tackled that subject now I can tell you I won’t have the same sympathy I may have once had. New internal hard drive in computer answer must … Continue reading New number, new Id

I can’t remember the last time I had a dream….

However a dream like existence did occur from an experience in the past beyond my comprehension. And with no one else ‘supposed to know’ alive in this regard. Accepting loss seemed to be the order for that line of questioning at least. Then came the form and by all accounts is separate. Unless I start hypothesising… Watching a RI lecture yesterday in which the Higgs … Continue reading I can’t remember the last time I had a dream….

A letter

The unpurloined letter One of the first case studies when learning Psychoanalysis was  the purloined letter. Something that was in full view yet due to certain conditionings was seen yet not touched. A myriad of reasons as to why. Safe to say a letter written and placed in an unsealed envelope has not been treated in the same way. Even though the fate of that … Continue reading A letter

Voids 2

Perspective may pertain to these trace shots. It’s that should have left in the tub moment. But you might just make out an angle within the leaf The rest of tub went on this. To those who ask why the pizza references it has a story that relates to very beginning. Not sure if it will continue but there you go. On another note fellow … Continue reading Voids 2


with a straight face.,, I suppose that would explain the couch. And the chair behind somewhere in the background. The focus being something else, the traces of something lost, missing or erased…..repetition could signify something else. Could be mixing too many references again This one is bubble-free i think This Link I received the morning after I made this post.  Thought I would share. Continue reading Look

The ….. is not for turning…

Here for now.Alas When the words that are uttered are exactly the same as another but the wealthier/ ….the speaker the more it is heard? I am not calling this blue sky thinking although it is. Finding some common ground might be required! Not everything is know to me about it like internal spacial ,properties etc.  Material science is a world all of its own … Continue reading The ….. is not for turning…

This morn

I do not set out to make myself somewhat disagreeable, however, a message i received made me actually reconsider what i had actually done. On second glance my initial response I was unable to send, format not words. When I could respond I rewrote my response several times. Not because what was said was untrue it was just a case of realising my own mistakes. … Continue reading This morn