Over the time

Since the now missing post, not only has data occurred in the news but the future too. Ironic a picture I added to http://www.trojanthinking.co.uk is from some time in the past. It showed some concerns I had plus the gains obtained from the ‘it’s happening again’ post. It showed what was explained here in another post although not shown in full I think. (Shame I … Continue reading Over the time


where am I going to put all my links? To the whole additive manufacturing world, custom printing, fabrics etc many thanks. There is still the additive manufacturing page if that still works https://go.additive.ge.com/rs/706-JIU-273/images/WebinarWednesday_FAQ_May%2020%20%281%29.pdf?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTUdOaFlqRXdNMkpqWm1abCIsInQiOiJpZTJ1NDZVRjY4ejlid0Nzb3lBUXJNVDdjN3lrQ21YU3ZNc3c0TVJyRnpYMjN1U2hmVlBObXdYYm9iQ3RPZEFHNlVVcDRIUnhkQ3FJaVpFeFdFc0lsZXpaelNMREVodGxpbng0TW5rVlZKK25MZ0dLTkw3NXhXaDQ5U0FDRktZTSJ9 Continue reading oops

I wonder who.?

I could blame for the loss of everything from this tech rubbish. And I owe now as well as having to pay more for what I have. And can I get it herr without a load off drama. Then people will say it never happened. Then what I was battling against ended up being true. Nevertheless. I text some one that I don’t know what … Continue reading I wonder who.?

Today not for the 1st time

Just got the number transferred too. The other same fait has no details yet is till charging me for it. No SIM with SIM in, no service with SIM not in the phone.¡¡¡¡ Good webinar with GE additive on moulding and printing. combined manufacturing by printing on the conventional machined block and cooling makes sense. Shame I am in the position I am. Continue reading Today not for the 1st time