where am I going to put all my links? To the whole additive manufacturing world, custom printing, fabrics etc many thanks. There is still the additive manufacturing page if that still works https://go.additive.ge.com/rs/706-JIU-273/images/WebinarWednesday_FAQ_May%2020%20%281%29.pdf?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTUdOaFlqRXdNMkpqWm1abCIsInQiOiJpZTJ1NDZVRjY4ejlid0Nzb3lBUXJNVDdjN3lrQ21YU3ZNc3c0TVJyRnpYMjN1U2hmVlBObXdYYm9iQ3RPZEFHNlVVcDRIUnhkQ3FJaVpFeFdFc0lsZXpaelNMREVodGxpbng0TW5rVlZKK25MZ0dLTkw3NXhXaDQ5U0FDRktZTSJ9 Continue reading oops

I don’t know whether

It was due to an upload here or an upload at #customprints-images But that file name again it doesn’t really matter to the print and as such doesn’t matter to the manufacturer as they know so I will drop it as a focus. Safe to say it is the second steel and does tip 98g’s just about.  Not sure about ornaments with hoops but I … Continue reading I don’t know whether


by the looks of it with this editor. Also seems as though the other site is up for a change too, don’t think that will be obvious but who knows… On a shoestring is to the best place to be. I managed to get a file back and although problems occurred it exists beyond my screen at the very least. As for my previous post … Continue reading LAST POST