I received and email

It gave me the direct link to the withdraw agreement, although it may be something to mark and don’t know if the dates mentioned suggest we should be so ……. I remember the looks when I was taking my fabric room to be stitched just the sight of the imagery caused, that weren’t not aware about the space issue, I don’t blame them. If I … Continue reading I received and email


Some who govern/inform other know full well what they are now discussing has lead to after a long time listening to turn off. I did get to watch the the hope and doubts from N.I. I can tell you that if I could had to dream up Hexatrigon without interference or hindrance it be hearts and love all the wa,y which is crazy enough at … Continue reading Blatant

imagine this

I have lived somewhere for decades, Set up a domain, I have just check why my oyster never worked. I have not travelled in London since 2017! What were people’s interest especially if they did even have the decency to…… is it because……. whatever I mentioned was somehow distributed to all and sundry there are time stamps and yet we still hear about…. I Should … Continue reading imagine this


I would read the text before clinking the link on the post this takes you, might end up going around in circles. Questions this was from custom prints. if only all those were customers I wouldn’t  be where I am now!! I think there may even be a hueman image somewhere on this site/ library too, long before I even heard of the theme. Going … Continue reading Updated

What a palaver

2019 My flat is a mess, my life is a mess.   Clarity seems to be stranger. Should I try a different shape to bring in the new decade? Although relatively new Hexatrigon seems so last few years…. it still has triangles in fact it’s just triangles. Or it could have some diamond shapes not like the real ones I may add.   I wonder … Continue reading What a palaver