I always wondered…

What would happen if I stuck it in the microwave with some contents. I was being childish I admit but have you seen an scrambled egg like this. I ate it nevertheless. I have nothing else to put it in, pot anyway..,,   Freezer out of action through covid19. Believe. Shame was I stopped it before and it was still in place but the centre … Continue reading I always wondered…

I washed my hands to do this work

I pressed two green lips,no more pure presses left! Both came out reasonably well, however one failed. It was down to the hoop. I will not say which one it was. I will not show which one it was. What I will say is it was not broken before it went into the press. Using the judgement of the process one needs more work, they … Continue reading I washed my hands to do this work

I posted the first link here….

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Women in 3D Printing saw this last night was considering if to post. This AM listening to a live streaming station I heard of the term thinking out loud. I recorded some, I don’t know instinct. I would have never associated a person as a computer. If you don’t know you don’t know. Understanding ok. Sorry for your loss. If you … Continue reading I posted the first link here….


I would read the text before clinking the link on the post this takes you, might end up going around in circles. Questions this was from custom prints. if only all those were customers I wouldn’t  be where I am now!! I think there may even be a hueman image somewhere on this site/ library too, long before I even heard of the theme. Going … Continue reading Updated

Love & hate

Ok I know that not everything in the world is lovely and that not everything that crossed the barriers was pleasing. But it did and as so has significance. Also what I may have taken for granted as given was not wholly accepted or recognised. Why am I saying this because even though my mind has changed I still recognise a need. That they say … Continue reading Love & hate

Spinning pt2

Check out my symmetry in motion with steel 2 on candlewick my latest December post on the other site! https://www.customprints-images.co.uk/makes-me-think-of-animation/  I must leave these  references alone. It’s a love-hate thing going on there, I wouldn’t mind but it’s all in the past now. ‘You wouldn’t let it …, coming to mind Continue reading Spinning pt2