where am I going to put all my links? To the whole additive manufacturing world, custom printing, fabrics etc many thanks. There is still the additive manufacturing page if that still works https://go.additive.ge.com/rs/706-JIU-273/images/WebinarWednesday_FAQ_May%2020%20%281%29.pdf?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTUdOaFlqRXdNMkpqWm1abCIsInQiOiJpZTJ1NDZVRjY4ejlid0Nzb3lBUXJNVDdjN3lrQ21YU3ZNc3c0TVJyRnpYMjN1U2hmVlBObXdYYm9iQ3RPZEFHNlVVcDRIUnhkQ3FJaVpFeFdFc0lsZXpaelNMREVodGxpbng0TW5rVlZKK25MZ0dLTkw3NXhXaDQ5U0FDRktZTSJ9 Continue reading oops

In making viable

I have used real and virtual spheres. To inform, to convey and add variation. Not just in pictures. Which did not bring much reward. It is much more real than much  that has been revealed since I started. Maybe I should have found some of that snake oil after all. Or just made something that already exists and claim to need more of it. Ignoring … Continue reading In making viable

Love & hate

Ok I know that not everything in the world is lovely and that not everything that crossed the barriers was pleasing. But it did and as so has significance. Also what I may have taken for granted as given was not wholly accepted or recognised. Why am I saying this because even though my mind has changed I still recognise a need. That they say … Continue reading Love & hate

Just rotation from a different point of view

Background noise  if you can hear it is radio not used to video if I am honest. Strange that the previous vid made me think animation yet from this perspective I think more mechanical or mechanism. I would say engineering but that is pushing it without some real support. Yet the technology definitely is in part if not all. This particular model in this video … Continue reading Just rotation from a different point of view