I couldn’t afford

This was in my inbox for a few days and only just got the chance but this vid, wow. last time I was on Twitter I am not sure what I wrote however this is a screengrab shot whatever and link hope it plays. Damm this is deep #blacklivesmatter pic.twitter.com/G3NzgyMxHK — BlackCultureEntertainmentđź—Ł (@4TheCulture____) May 31, 2020   Continue reading I couldn’t afford


by the looks of it with this editor. Also seems as though the other site is up for a change too, don’t think that will be obvious but who knows… On a shoestring is to the best place to be. I managed to get a file back and although problems occurred it exists beyond my screen at the very least. As for my previous post … Continue reading LAST POST

just for your info

I took this out of the freezer earlier today, forgot I took it out but it was frozen at the time. Also permanently lost my hoop to the crisp pressed red lips, not happy, fell off the fireplace. I will not blame anyone because if things went to plan these would have stayed as printed to show those who did not understand that 3d printing … Continue reading just for your info

The sound of… shorter but sweeter

This morning I awoke to a name I had not heard in a long time while listening to the radio. It took me back to place where I created some wax forms. As it was in the past like so much of late. I decided to film the static image of the weighted scales. My first effort although longer in terms of time was initiated … Continue reading The sound of… shorter but sweeter

interesting header

following the theme of just its mass, I thought to see how I could show the realism in the models. This was after hearing a talk about things created in lockdown design museum. As things have ground down to halt, kind of I thought to created a photo. The other things created have either been eaten broken or melted. As image was taken on a … Continue reading interesting header

It could be missed

Or overlooked but the point of the hoop is not as trivial as it may seems. The chain can go through the nylon 3D print yet only the catch fit through the steel and if they happened subsequent casts. Yet without that cast with hoop, whether or not it is welcomed,  the imagery would have not made it to the form, lips, face or heart. … Continue reading It could be missed