Over the time

Since the now missing post, not only has data occurred in the news but the future too. Ironic a picture I added to http://www.trojanthinking.co.uk is from some time in the past. It showed some concerns I had plus the gains obtained from the ‘it’s happening again’ post. It showed what was explained here in another post although not shown in full I think. (Shame I … Continue reading Over the time


where am I going to put all my links? To the whole additive manufacturing world, custom printing, fabrics etc many thanks. There is still the additive manufacturing page if that still works https://go.additive.ge.com/rs/706-JIU-273/images/WebinarWednesday_FAQ_May%2020%20%281%29.pdf?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTUdOaFlqRXdNMkpqWm1abCIsInQiOiJpZTJ1NDZVRjY4ejlid0Nzb3lBUXJNVDdjN3lrQ21YU3ZNc3c0TVJyRnpYMjN1U2hmVlBObXdYYm9iQ3RPZEFHNlVVcDRIUnhkQ3FJaVpFeFdFc0lsZXpaelNMREVodGxpbng0TW5rVlZKK25MZ0dLTkw3NXhXaDQ5U0FDRktZTSJ9 Continue reading oops

I wonder who.?

I could blame for the loss of everything from this tech rubbish. And I owe now as well as having to pay more for what I have. And can I get it herr without a load off drama. Then people will say it never happened. Then what I was battling against ended up being true. Nevertheless. I text some one that I don’t know what … Continue reading I wonder who.?

I received a recomendation.

An academic paper between different stands. I will not even contemplate. Why because the nature of discourse suggests that to describe my logo without the terms I have used would involve an aspect of academic study which cause the split between academia and myself. It is not that I have not moved on since that episode however nothing since has given grounds for an advancement. … Continue reading I received a recomendation.