Custom prints-images tech or app

I noticed a link was not working any longer. Another means to do what. Could post here but not on custom prints . Noticed yesterday I pic I uploaded longer that the 2 or 4 days that a search engine stated. Should I mention platforms. Noticed the bank invoicing all of which functioning does not help. Change of business name won’t I still need something. Continue reading Custom prints-images tech or app

In making viable

I have used real and virtual spheres. To inform, to convey and add variation. Not just in pictures. Which did not bring much reward. It is much more real than much  that has been revealed since I started. Maybe I should have found some of that snake oil after all. Or just made something that already exists and claim to need more of it. Ignoring … Continue reading In making viable


In the face of so many influences from all sides. I feel I should say less. I had learned long ago to think in concepts, although that came with vis com and subsequently found out where it came from. Those concepts were less so. This online journey involved a bit of both, which other than the geometry should maybe not be. The current site image … Continue reading Considering

believe it or not

I have admittedly tried to understand some concepts of  physics, Einstein and others. Even though I had heard of some others I did not realise the significance of the differences. I watched a recently shown documentary on EPR paradox and well its just sinking in. An electron to define… and photons to see but never the twain? Continue reading believe it or not

In a recent discussion

It looks like the bulk of the shape is fine for casting but the hoop is what is in question. Not beyond repair but a casting issue I could not anticipate. But it does possibly answer why when my original hoop cast didn’t allow fluid to flow  well into that region. I ended uppitiest cutting the mould, the hoop does not look like that any … Continue reading In a recent discussion