Harking back

The eye and I concept which I dabbled with at first got misconstrued by colour. It only came back to me today as heard early in the morning experiences that wealthy person had trying to purchase their desires. Who did have a hue. By accounts it seemed they were not of the prerequisites for that purchase and it was not a question of monetary means.

Then switching to another local channel I heard some specific conflict memoribila is not only valuable but highly sought. Despite war.  Although I can’t say who doing the buying it is clearly in high demand.

The only reasoning received to me explained a particular scenario of feeling out of place amongst your kind for want of a better word. By someone whom felt somewhat out of place being in the UK who if I use the same reckoning was only amongst their kind by deem of having a place in the UK while coming from a less socially  integrated place. Where some difference is rebuked by way of not having familiarities in their birth place.

The first encounter was the last. It seems to have gained ground.

Also why I ……..


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