Since taking that screen shot

Of  the phone it is now fake news still saying nothing. It might have happened just after I took the pic.

Can’t blame the sim why? Because I verified it!

It told me all done on that very phone. See it believe it, I suppose. I be honest I took a screen shot it said Friday tried to use this device but I took of some setting after a reset last night.

P.s. to whom it may concern I still like you. I wrote a post but didn’t post it time has now past. Like most things for me these days it doesn’t make, on another note what I did make by hand no less I didn’t take a shot of, materials and all that makes it more problematic.

All I will say is, with six of its points I had it hanging on the edge of my window on one of its other planes while the larger planes were held in place with friction I suppose or maybe pressure or force. I sure in time someone or something will make the clarification. It was wax.

Thanks Leah

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