Somewhere in the ether for now at least

I tried to address an issue with a file for ads yesterday. It has been an on going issue for a while now and I did not know what it was. I did have the file on show for all to see but that was not the right way as that was the on going issue.

Finally understood what was required of me from my admin yet not admin position. I tell you one thing another restore was done.
I uploaded a previously unseen model also. I wrote  of it but like most things whether heard, listened or observed to go somewhat misunderstood. I actually think it was what required to believe it was so too. Alas an experience I will not care to mention, as this also goes without any real answer.

I don’t know if it will be visible or not in the image I will show as it was on a page on my phone which had the site loaded before the restore and was in its cache. But it’s what should have had from a very long time ago. Maybe it was for the best. It is the one with hoop, you know the one with fabric the one I would not, could not cast. And the one with a hoop consequently that would not break easily anyway. No blame!

Funny thing is either the reported post or the original is on this site. Spoke of light and matter too if I remember rightly. I also upload a screenshot of a recent purchase that could have possibly save a broken print. Will have to wait and see the impetus has gone now. But it’s food safe. Shame is now that with all this COVID stuff, chances are there will be no place safe enough to put it to the test.

Before COVID if I used food safe print, food safe materials, food staple products, new pump, new chamber, In a new flat still don’t think it would have been enough.

Well it wasn’t. And won’t be right now either! Sad

Did  I mention the image is a screenshot Strategically cropped. Had a multicolour print image on the top plane of the cube as the background in the viewer. I removed that model from the site before the restore too, now it’s back.

My head hurts!!!!!


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