before I post a link anywhere

I have just watched a webinar where the discussion was of electric vehicles, Alright it was from a US perspective however, After hearing about royal mail it is somewhat concerning as who is going to take up that slack. I hate to think that because I created something different it means the end of so much. But was it my fault? I think not. After … Continue reading before I post a link anywhere

Somewhere in the ether for now at least

I tried to address an issue with a file for ads yesterday. It has been an on going issue for a while now and I did not know what it was. I did have the file on show for all to see but that was not the right way as that was the on going issue. Finally understood what was required of me from my … Continue reading Somewhere in the ether for now at least

I received a call.

I won’t say who it was, however we spoke and he clarified some things about some whom I have already made posts about and some whom I have made contact. All I will say is you would have likely printed something out with them over the years (well at least I have). I kept myself humble as what more could I now do. He did … Continue reading I received a call.