Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 08.27.21

In the time since what was seen to be real and not the lines have somewhat blurred. This shows the two different manufacturing processes on one place. The last time I tried to have more that one print in one file it was not printable. This is another one however the difference this time is that in one way or another they have already been produced. Kind of.

This screenshot is also a moving screen recording of the file rotating…

Note the colour of the cube was more about the visible polygon lines than anything else. Those who follow me know the silicone mould colours. and to my understanding would have too many supports to be worthwhile printing. As for the words well…..


Well I did some more work on the impossible and guess what it is printable, with some changes. Problem with that is makes the path I have already taken a little not pointless but …. it there for now

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