The sound of… shorter but sweeter

This morning I awoke to a name I had not heard in a long time while listening to the radio. It took me back to place where I created some wax forms. As it was in the past like so much of late. I decided to film the static image of the weighted scales.

My first effort although longer in terms of time was initiated by a leaf I had from when I last did some more recent  silicone casting. With some aid from my movements a fortunate occurance. That video drained my battery. This one  is much shorter was initiated by something significant in terms of the wax forms that made light and in this case caused some balance too.

See Here as now I can no longer post movements. Just the process from this device doesn’t show customprints-images so who knows if you will see it or where it actually is. thought as much try now!

Took another look at the longer vid a bit too long.

15887702543548078255601977230868all pieces seen on this site before. I wonder what the weight would have been if I was able to get the silicone one from the mould without a blade. Not to be repeated for sure

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