It so happens

That on looking at a file on a different drive I noticed the file looked like a .png with no background. At first I did not pay any attention as I knew what it was. Then I realised I had the file elsewhere and it did not look that way. Curious I took a couple of straight forward screenshots of the desktop one more informational than the other, both as described. One is the current logo the other is elsewhere. Both very much virtual. I reckon it is due to a download but don’t hold me to that, I just thought it looked good. It’s not for blowing up or turning or anything else like that. It just is.

No more to say, It even has them there shadows

Laughing matter or not?

Just added a copyright signage to a desktop file image! Strictly speaking what can be seen is already registered.  The model that is, the background well that another matter but actually is not its …….?  The digital paradox is that even a real thing?

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