It could be missed

Or overlooked but the point of the hoop is not as trivial as it may seems. The chain can go through the nylon 3D print yet only the catch fit through the steel and if they happened subsequent casts. Yet without that cast with hoop, whether or not it is welcomed,  the imagery would have not made it to the form, lips, face or heart.
The nylon would not have been printed at all if it was not for the steel one,  which if it was not there to see first!(with thanks)  And the steel was printable because of specifications/ dimensions or design and the material was not available to choose on previous prints.

Does this fact have any long term relevance which could be of benefit later on down the line?

Or on the path?  See other site

Late addition.

On that post I speak of standing of the shoulders. I may have been talking out of turn at the time as my gripe was disbelief. From one who showed me some insight speaking of another who was one of those giants.

Recent world events make me think of those I met who although could read one was from the other side. I didn’t take offence, it just made some however brief..

It almost slipped my mind but I had to recreated it, that is another story that led me to GrabCad

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