I always wondered…

What would happen if I stuck it in the microwave with some contents. I was being childish I admit but have you seen an scrambled egg like this. I ate it nevertheless. I have nothing else to put it in, pot anyway..,,   Freezer out of action through covid19. Believe. Shame was I stopped it before and it was still in place but the centre ones were not cooked!  oh well all clean now. Ps it was tea and the tannin was a pain. CE07F722-7964-4550-A2E8-697C1E9D700B

Must turn off a presenter if their concern themselves to make me think that Brexit never happened, now ties have turned sour. To save face or disgrace mine. Which as mentioned beforehand….wherever. Check the post dates not social media. I am less social than I once was now! Wonder why?

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