mothers day

You would never believe that it was a caring paramedic who I gave a badge that they chose not because of anything sinister just so that they felt appreciated. How things have changed. Since 2016

Q: If I never entered the shape making world even if I had gone to art school, Would the role of art not use some shape / material of one sort or another. The fact that it involved manufacturing processes from start to finish do you believe that will stop locally or globally? So what if the badge was awesome when I put on the site it still didn’t get no replies (I am not blaming anyone there either)

The impact is being felt now because of a virus that has stopped real parts, now you all are dissing the ones who restart hearts unless the mystics have a way to do that, which I haven’t heard of? Wait a minute I for forgot about Mary Shelley’s

The shape is not the answer to the futures problem but that is not the point even though it has some. Electricity is a given for all how does a street get shut off and nothing else?

The ones responsible came around what can I say. Didn’t think it was just a street but now other things cloud my mind.  What word would you have used if I didn’t use experience. Lived or otherwise.,,

check the browser that all you gets folks. Still Happy Mothers days



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