I washed my hands to do this work

I pressed two green lips,no more pure presses left! Both came out reasonably well, however one failed. It was down to the hoop. I will not say which one it was. I will not show which one it was.

What I will say is it was not broken before it went into the press. Using the judgement of the process one needs more work, they both might do in the end. But they were both sprayed and that is that. While deliberating using the one that arguable is one of the first, which could have worked also I decided not to press as it would not have been all of the image. Plus that is the last one too.

Really refusing to read anything more  into it at this time. Puzzling nonetheless. It has not happen like that before as I fixed the broken ones beforehand. There’s a mystery for you and for me.

It was after covid-19 so without me changing some blurp it is not going on custom prints. However the current logo on that site was the precursor. As well as the unpressed green lip mentioned above.


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