I would read the text before clinking the link on the post this takes you, might end up going around in circles.


this was from custom prints.

if only all those were customers I wouldn’t  be where I am now!!

I think there may even be a hueman image somewhere on this site/ library too, long before I even heard of the theme. Going a little off the track but don’t know if I will keep that theme for long anyway. Not to say subject has no relevance. No interest has been shown to anything by making contact. Maybe that has been engineered too.

Oh well ce la vie I tried

Screenshot 2020-01-06 at 10.34.02

I must take something back the hueman was something I presented to be expanded upon (academically) but that never happened.

My visual creation left the e out Then from what I recalled it then was perceived to be about experience rather that what was at stake, then came the experience of Hexatrigon as I call it.

Willing to accept some rationale as to the 27,000 + login attempts .

My badges were a £1 each if you met me or free if you impressed me. They were £2 online. still no go. What went wrong?
Now have changed it back so now maybe some info on here is now fake news like featured image which although is true is not there any longer

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