Golden 1st

you may follow my exploits closely  you may not. You may have noticed they began with a more,  I don’t know the right word so I shall leave blank-focus

It led me more to the technical trouble and complications. I have just accomplished something I had previously. All be it without what was there first or the machine attached.

The simple account pic on a os account Id. minus apps and everything else on sierra.

They were once in one place, on one drive in one machine. Oh those were the days. Funny the ones that were originally there are on Catalina. But original external drive that failed could only be workable between new formats and snow leopard old formats and That was to reformat as it would no longer boot. When I used recovery to restore only the recovery image itself was visible to install upon. I won’t mention how that system saw new format or rather the label it gave the Catalina format.

provided no more failures I am not back but have some small success. What makes me think that this has been engineered?

1) Clean sierra  and access to legacy apps without java via snow leopard. 2) Clean sierra with no access to files or apps.

I can’t even partition so I could make good use of the drive.


3) As is:- Catalina with restricted accesss to apps but seems to have my files up to a point and no probs, internally.

snow and Catalina externally )1 drive) and the same for clean sierra. On original drive

I have one last option to try to get something on the original drive with Sierra.  We will see.

what was the success? What was the point? What have I gained?
it coincides with a grey trade with hoops image (from snow access) that changed from another photo, ( that may be on this site), which I changed again on a old linkedin wow I wondered how people got what got about me without making contact, if the just spoke to me they would have got so much more.

PS retracted a post yesterday it’s true but well new year ……

I even tried to take pic of screen with this app on iOS and what did it do? Fail to upload I saw it on my phone as the featured image!!! (it was a camera upload not in library.. This is again, not new. Goodbye

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