A post I made a little while ago when I found out about a word new to me, Sonoluminescence if I spelt it correctly. Anyhow I looked at that post and with other thing I associated Saw a connection to something much bigger. Not being a scientist I supposed I am not bound in the same way. But the collapse of a substance that produces radiation in the form of light and with some real force to damage matter is well known.

Funny how connecting the concept with something much larger( only by the facts) ends up with broaching content that is unavailable but is there or visible yet conspiratorial. And yet the concept is being actively pursued in other scientific fields?

All I will say is a production method I saw when looking at 3D printing video when I heard a man say it was done by sonic welding technology and also with NASA Backing which he did not elaborate, has more meaning to me than before..

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